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Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics was spun out from the University of Cambridge in 2010 to commercialise novel technology based on the microfluidic handling of picolitre-scale droplets (picodroplets), which can be used to separate and encapsulate single cells for downstream analysis.

This technology is incorporated into an ultra-high-throughput single-cell sorting and analysis instrument called the Cyto-Mine®. This instrument was released in 2018 to penetrate various Single-Cell Analysis Markets (valued at £29 billion in 2020) and experiencing annual growth of 17%.


Dr Frank F. Craig

Frank has around 20 years of international general management experience gained from GlaxoSmithKline, Amersham Biosciences (as a Vice-President of R&D and which later merged to form GE Healthcare Life Sciences), and several start-up firms. He was responsible for driving the product development of the widely known and utilised biological tool, Green Fluorescent Protein (first identified by the 2008 Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry), as well as many other cell-based products, systems and services for the Life Sciences industry.

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