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The Lancet publishes results of a landmark clinical study that support the ability of Caristo’s CaRi-Heart® AI technology to quantify coronary artery inflammation and accurately predict cardiac events.

  • Leading medical journal, The Lancet, has published the findings of the 40,000 patient ORFAN study demonstrating the ability of Caristo’s CaRi-Heart FAI-Score to predict fatal and non-fatal cardiac events.
  • Caristo’s AI-Risk model, CaRi-Heart Risk Score, outperformed other scores in routine clinical use for prediction of cardiac mortality, and when presented to clinicians, resulted in changes of management decision in 45% of the patients.
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Oxford Technology & Innovations EIS Fund (OTIF) has subscribes to Biofidelity’s $24m funding round.

  • Biofidelity has raised an internally led $24m funding round with support from existing investors including Agilent Technologies, Octopus Ventures, BlueYard Capital, and Longwall Ventures.
  • The funding will support commerical rollout following the launch of its first product ASPYRE-Lung, a novel test that simplifies and accelerates the detection of biomarkers for non-small cell lung cancer.
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Oxford Quantum Circuits launches OQC Toshiko, the world’s first enterprise ready quantum platform alongside announcement of its ongoing $100m Series B funding round.

  • OQC has announced its ongoing $100m Series B, led by Japanese venture capital fund SBI Investment, in addition to existing investors Oxford Science Enterprises (OSE), University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC), and Lansdowne Partners.
  • The announcement is made alongside the launch of OQC Toshiko the Company’s powerful next generation 32-qubit platform, deployed to commercial data-centres, enabling businesses to tap into ground-breaking technology from anywhere in the world, seamlessly and securely.
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