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OxSonics Therapeutics

OxSonics Therapeutics was spun out from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Oxford in 2014.

The Company’s proprietary platform technology, SonoTran®, is being developed to provide a step-change in the therapeutic index of anti-cancer agents without the development costs or delays associated with drug reformulation. SonoTran is designed to increase the dose and distribution of anti-cancer agents within solid tumours, thereby increasing the efficacy and/or reducing the toxicity of these agents across the majority of the most challenging solid tumour cancers. The approach has been specifically designed to fit seamlessly into existing oncology clinical workflows, and has the major advantage of enabling healthcare professionals to see-as-they-treat by providing visualisation on-screen and in real time.


Professors Constantin Coussios and Robert Carlisle, and Drs Christian Coviello and Colin Story

Since OxSonics Therapeutics was spun out in 2014, £25m has been raised from a combination of venture capital, angel investors and grant funding. A multidisciplinary R&D team consisting of Electrical Engineering, Acoustic Engineering, Software Engineering, Biology and Chemistry experts are based at the Company’s dedicated facilities at the Oxford Science Park. OxSonics Therapeutics has built an extensive network of pharma and biotech companies to partner its technology with their oncology therapies for the benefit of patients.

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