Osler Diagnostics

Osler Diagnostics (Osler) was spun out of the University of Oxford Chemistry Department in February 2016.

Osler is a health technology company developing the next generation of point-of-care diagnostics – a single portable device that performs lab-accurate & lab-sensitive, rapid, and low-cost testing, from pinprick blood, with applicability to most biomarkers.

The Osler device could decentralise diagnostics, allowing anyone, anywhere, at any time, to test for health markers of interest, and therein dramatically improve healthcare access, outcomes and costs.

Founder & CEO

Connor Campbell

Connor read Medicine at Oxford University before working for McKinsey & Company, the Sierra Leone Government and Oxford Sciences Innovation.

Connor has raised over $100m of investment, built Osler Diagnostic’s highly multidisciplinary team of and pioneers Osler’s strategic ambitions to transform global diagnostics.

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