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iotaSciences is an Oxford-based company developing new ways of handling small volumes that are so cell friendly they have the potential for wide adoption in biomedicine.

In the everyday world, gravity is so dominant that liquids are invariably confined by solid walls – otherwise they just drain away. However, in the microworld, gravity becomes irrelevant, and water can be confined by liquid walls. Through exploiting this physics iotaSciences has discovered unique solutions for single-cell cloning and cell line development. iotaSciences’ first commercial product was launched in November 2019, and the firm is now a trusted part of drug discovery workflows in academic and industry settings.


Professors Peter Cook and Edmond Walsh, and Dr Alex Feuerborn

Peter, Alex and Edmond discovered these methods to shape fluids and were the first to demonstrate its potential in biology. The trio founded iotaSciences in 2016, with support from local Oxford-based VC firms and private individuals.

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