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Diffblue is commercialising a range of AI for Code products based on the research of Professor Daniel Kroening and Dr Peter Schrammel from the University of Oxford’s Department of Computer Science.

Testing is the number one bottleneck in software development, but more importantly it is also crucial to delivering software through automated pipelines, as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google do. By automating the generation of unit tests to identify coding errors, the Company’s initial product, Diffblue Cover, allows companies of all sizes to adopt Google-style high-speed, high-quality automated software delivery. Diffblue received the largest AI Series A funding in Europe in 2017. Customers include Goldman Sachs, AWS and S&P Global.

Founder & CSO

Professor Daniel Kroening

Daniel is the Chief Scientist and co-founder of Diffblue. He has 15 years of experience building software verification tools and is the primary author of the CBMC verification framework.

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