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Caristo Diagnostics

Caristo Diagnostics (CD) is a medical imaging company spun out from the University of Oxford’s Department of Cardiovascular Medicine in June 2018.

The Company is commercialising a novel imaging biomarker for the prediction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk which is analysed on CT scans of the heart. In clinical studies, this novel biomarker (Fat Attenuation Index, or FAI) has been shown to be accurate in predicting heart attacks and cardiac death, including in those patients deemed low risk by current methods. Patent applications have been granted on the core IP and a number of papers covering the technology have been published in high-impact journals.


Professor Charalambos Antoniades and Dr Cheerag Shirodaria

Professor Charalambos Antoniades, CSO of Caristo, is a world expert on the interplay of inflammation and fat in the body and has spent over a decade working on new ways to visualise and quantify cardiac inflammation from medical images. His landmark validation study, published in leading medical journal the Lancet in 2018, was the catalyst for spinning out Caristo Diagnostics, helped by his current and former colleagues at the University of Oxford.

Dr Cheerag Shirodaria, CEO of Caristo, is a consultant cardiologist with a background in cardiovascular clinical trials and therapeutics, having worked for a decade in drug discovery in this area.

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