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Biofidelity has developed a novel molecular diagnostic technology which dramatically simplifies high-precision cancer testing, enabling access to best-in-class diagnostics for all patients.

With a limit of detection 10-50x lower than the current FDA-approved methods, the Company can identify large numbers of genetic mutations in a fraction of the time and cost of DNA sequencing. The underlying technology utilises existing instrumentation available in laboratories around the world, removing the need for centralisation of testing and enabling rapid targeting and routine monitoring of cancer therapies.


Barnaby Balmforth

Barnaby has more than 10 years’ experience in the leadership of genomic technology development. Prior to co-founding Biofidelity in early 2019 he was Chief Operating Officer and Board member at Base4 Innovation, as well as leading the development of the company’s molecular biology. Barnaby holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and a Masters from the University of Oxford.

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