Sphere Fluidics

Sphere Fluidics (Sphere) was spun out from the University of Cambridge in 2010, initially selling consumables and R&D services to life sciences companies. In 2017 the Company launched the Cyto-Mine™ microfluidics system, a single-cell analysis platform for biopharmaceutical discovery with unmatched fidelity and overall performance in the current market.

The annual global market for single cell analysis valued at £33 billion with some segments experiencing annual growth of over 40%. The Company has raised £10.9m in Venture Capital and Angel equity to date and forecasts revenue of £5m in FY2018. Sphere is currently seeking to raise a further £1.5m in 4Q 2018 at a pre-money valuation of £28m to accelerate sales and open a US West Coast sales office.

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