Oxford Endovascular

Oxford Endovascular (OE) is an Oxford University spinout company commercialising OXIFLOW, a novel device, or flow-diverter, for treating Intracranial Aneurysms (ICAs).

Defined as a weakened point in a blood vessel, aneurysms occur where pulsing blood pressure causes the vessel wall to balloon with almost 1 in 50 people developing aneurysms in the UK each year. Untreated, ICAs can rupture causing pain and life-threatening bleeding into the brain. This can lead to irreparable brain damage and, in three of every five cases, death. OXIFLOW is a tiny mesh tube created by laser-cutting a novel and patented design into a tube of nitinol (a nickel titanium alloy). Fitting the natural shape of the blood vessel in the brain and inserted via a microcatheter during surgery, it diverts blood away from the ICA, allowing it to heal.

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