Oxford Biotrans

Oxford Biotrans was spun out of the University of Oxford’s Department of Chemistry by Professor Luet Lok Wong in 2013 to develop novel enzymatic approaches for the production of high-value chemical compounds.

The Company has patented a library of cytochrome P450 enzymes that can be used for the oxidation of compounds in a way that is considered ‘natural’, in contrast to ‘artificial’ methods that use chemical synthesis. Its lead product converts the chemical Valencene, cheaply sourced from oranges, into Nootkatone, a high-value compound found in grapefruit, for use in the flavour and fragrance market. This process creates a compound that can be labelled as ‘natural’, resulting in a price premium over synthetic grade product due to consumer demand. The Company expects to generate significant revenues from 2018 onwards, and in the long-term aims to expand from flavour and fragrances (F&F) into the high value pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets.

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