OrthoSon is using ultrasound technology to develop SonoSpine, a medical device for the treatment of degenerative disc disease, for which the current therapy is vertebral fusion. SonoSpine is a minimally-invasive, incision-free, first-line therapy designed to restore the biomechanical properties of degenerative spinal discs.

By injecting the nanoparticles also used by OxSonics into the nucleus pulposus of spinal discs and applying ultrasound at a much higher intensity, degenerate disc nuclei can be broken down and removed so that a replacement gel-like material can be injected. With the global cost of spinal surgery estimated to be worth around $300 billion/year, including hospital stay, surgeon costs and materials, the addressable market for Orthoson in the US alone is estimated to be around $2.5 billion. The Company has exclusive licenses of the IP generated by OxSonics and was formally spun out of this company in 2015 and became independent in 2018 with the hiring of Richard Simmonds as CEO, who is currently building an independent management team.

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