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Orthox was founded in 2008 by Dr Nick Skaer and Prof Oliver Kessler, MD to commercialise silk technology developed by Prof Fritz Vollrath’s Silk Group at the University of Oxford.

The Company is developing tissue regenerative knee implants to help patients with cartilage damage return to a fully active, pain free life. Orthox’s FibroFix™ technology is based on a protein produced by the silk moth, Bombyx mori, which is moulded into an implant that supports and promotes tissue regeneration in the joint. Their high tensile strength, flexibility and biocompatibility make silk-based materials an excellent structural implant, where the alternative is costly knee replacement surgery. This unique combination of regeneration and mechanical function confers multiple advantages, differentiating FibroFix™ from current therapies and offering a compelling solution in this $2 billion annual market.

Founder & CEO

Nick Skaer

Drawing on ten years of biochemistry and biomaterials research at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Strasbourg, Nick is co-inventor of the FibroFix™ platform and author of 38 granted patents. He moved into start-up company management in 2004 and since founding Orthox has raised over $25m to bring FibroFix to the point of clinical trials, assembled an experienced life science industry team and developed collaborations with major Universities, Hospitals and Orthopaedic Multinationals.

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