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Brill Power

Brill Power was spun out from the University of Oxford’s Engineering Department in 2017 by three PhD students to commercialise a novel Battery Management System (BMS).

Battery cells degrade at different rates and existing BMS technology controls the current and temperature at the battery pack level, limiting a battery’s capacity and lifespan to that of the weakest cell in the pack. Rather than controlling the battery at pack level, Brill Power’s BMS connects to each battery cell or module (parallel string of cells), managing the charge and discharge process on an individual cell level and boosting the lifespan of the battery pack by up to 60%.


Christoph Birkl, Damien Frost, Adrien Bizeray and Carolyn Hicks

Adrien, Damien and Christoph were studying different aspects of lithium-ion batteries for their DPhil degrees at Oxford University and invented a new method for controlling advanced battery systems, which significantly improves the lifetime, safety and sustainability of batteries. Carolyn was studying for her MBA at Oxford and joined the founding team to help commercialise this novel technology. Brill Power was founded in 2016 and spun out from Oxford in 2017.

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