Bodle Technologies

Bodle Technologies (Bodle) is an optoelectronic and smart materials company developing ultra-high resolution, low energy, reflective displays.

Known as Solid-state Reflective Displays (SRD®), these use the optical properties of a group of compounds known as phase-change materials (PCMs), which are more commonly used in rewritable DVDs for their data storage properties. The technology, developed by Prof Harish Bhaskaran and Dr Peiman Hosseini from the University of Oxford’s Materials Department, has the potential to offer displays with a colour gamut which exceeds the performance of market-leading reflective display technologies. Bodle is also working on a range of rewritable films using the same materials.


Professor Harish Bhaskaran & Dr Peiman Hosseini

Bodle Technologies’ core technology is centred on the creation and manipulation of colour reflected off a surface by changing the refractive index of ultra-thin functional layers. This elegant, yet highly enabling piece of engineering was first discovered and developed at Oxford University and published in Nature in 2014 by the Company’s two co-founders, Prof Harish Bhaskaran and Dr Peiman Hosseini.

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