We have close relationships with academics, investors and other key players in the Oxford and Cambridge University ecosystems.

This enables us to select the best spinout companies commercialising grant-funded scientific development from these world-leading universities.

We pride ourselves on high quality research and the intangible value we bring to investee companies through our deep commercial knowledge and broad network.

What is our strategy?

We understand the potential commercial applications and unmet needs satisfied by new technologies and the intellectual property that protects their competitive position.


What are spinout companies?

Spinouts are businesses formed to commercialise technology developed by university academic groups and usually protected by patents.


Why are spinout companies favourable investment opportunities?

Spinouts receive significant support from the universities they emerge from, both financial and corporate.


What is the Oxford Technology and Innovations EIS Fund (OTIF)?

We invest through OTIF which invests in spinout companies from world-leading UK universities, focusing upon Oxford and Cambridge.


How does the UK university spinout ecosystem compare?

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in activities around the commercialisation of UK science and technology. The Golden Triangle of Oxford, Cambridge and London boasts four of the world’s top ten universities and is home to most of the UK's leading technology companies.