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Webinar Recording: Brill Power and Biofidelity

We recently held a webinar featuring presentations from Christoph Birkl (CEO) & Carolyn Hicks (CFO/COO) of portfolio company Brill Power, and Barnaby Balmforth, CEO of portfolio company Biofidelity.

Brill Power (01:55) is commercialising Total Current Control technology – a novel battery management system (BMS) which can extend a battery pack’s lifespan by up to 60%. Brill Power was spun out of the University of Oxford’s Engineering Department in 2017 while the founders were undertaking PhDs to understand how battery packs degrade. Battery cells degrade at different rates and existing BMS technology controls the current and temperature at the battery pack level, limiting a battery’s capacity and lifespan to that of the weakest cell in the pack. Brill Power’s technology offers a number of key advantages, namely increased charging efficiency and lifespan, and reduced lifetime costs.

Biofidelity (19:31) was spun out of portfolio company Base4 Innovation in 2019 to develop a highly sensitive assay for the detection of specific mutations in cancer tumour DNA. Using novel in-house chemistry, the technology is able to detect as little as a single molecule of mutated DNA in a whole blood sample. This sensitivity is comparable to next-generation sequencing techniques, but more rapid. This is highly valuable in oncology where treatment outcomes are dependent on early detection. Biofidelity’s assays are low-cost, rapid, highly specific and sensitive to levels that no other platform can compete with yet.

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