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Webinar Recording: Oxford PV and OrganOx

We recently held a webinar featuring presentations from Chris Case, CTO of portfolio company Oxford PV, and Craig Marshall, CEO of portfolio company OrganOx!

Oxford PV (03:15) was spun out of the University of Oxford’s Clarendon Laboratory by Prof Henry Snaith in 2010 to commercialise a thin film photovoltaic technology called Perovskite, which is able to convert sunlight into electricity at higher efficiency and lower cost than market-leading silicon. Perovskite is widely recognised to be the next generation solar technology and Oxford PV has a strong IP position and the important first-mover advantage, placing it in an excellent position to disrupt the 112 GW solar market.

OrganOx (20:14) was spun out of the University of Oxford in April 2008 and has developed the world’s first normothermic liver perfusion device, the Metra, approved for storage and transportation of human livers prior to transplant. The technology, which is also being developed for the normothermic perfusion of kidneys, has the potential to disrupt the transplant market, significantly increasing the supply of viable organs by overcoming several major limitations in existing methods.

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