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Webinar recording: A Celebration of British Innovation and New Technologies hosted by OIC and Rathbones

We recently held the second webinar in our series of two events celebrating British innovation and new technologies held in conjunction with our friends at Rathbone Investment Management.

This event featured three short presentations from university spinout companies as well as the opportunity to hear from George Robinson, Founding Partner of Oxford Investment Consultants (OIC), in conversation with Ian Dembinski, Head of Client Development, Rathbones.

  • 00:25 – Ian Dembinski in conversation with George Robinson, OIC Founding Partner
  • 11:57 – Presentation by Sumi Biswas, CEO, SpyBiotech
  • 26:18 – Presentation by Nick Skaer, CEO, Orthox
  • 39:10 – Presentation by Steven Chance, CEO, Oxford Brain Diagnostics
  • 49:50 – OTIF overview by Ross Hyett, OIC Founding Partner

Important notice: This webinar recording is for information purposes only. Reliance on the information in this webinar recording, for the purpose of engaging in any investment activity, may expose an individual to a risk of losing all of the funds invested. The information disclosed in this webinar recording does not constitute, or should be considered as, an offer to buy or sell or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or share.