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11 Minutes in Conversation with Richard Pither, CEO of Cytox

Join OIC Founding Partner George Robinson for Episode 9 of the OIC Conversations Series.

Cytox is developing a genetic test, genoSCORE for assessing the risk of cognitive decline associated with future onset of Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Supported by leading academics from the Universities of Cardiff, Exeter and UCL, Cytox has created a DNA-profiling array which is interpreted using a polygenic risk score (PRS) algorithm to determine the likelihood of developing AD. The development of new AD drugs suffers from a >99% failure rate. Due to the lack of an effective early diagnostic test, costly PET scans are used to identify AD patients, resulting in extremely high clinical trial recruitment costs.

Questions covered include:

  • 00:25 – Tell us a little about yourself and how you joined Cytox.
  • 01:13 – What is the problem Cytox is trying to solve?
  • 02:14 – How do Pharma companies currently find trial patients and what is Cytox going to do that will make a difference?
  • 03:21 – How much does it currently cost to screen for potential patients?
  • 04:10 – What are the regulatory regimes Cytox faces?
  • 05:43 – How was the Cytox test developed and who help the company develop it?
  • 06:52 – How has the Company been funded to date?
  • 07:30 – Tell us about your links with university, particularly Oxford.
  • 08:26 – When are sales and revenues expected for the Company?
  • 09:28 – What are the effects of COVID-19 on the business and what strategies have you put in place to mitigate these effects?


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