The OIC team is proud to share feedback from the companies it has worked with in recent years.


iotaSciences is grateful for the continuing support of Oxford Investment Consultants as it moves to the next phase of development. In addition to being a pleasure to work with, and respecting timelines, the OIC principal is well informed and came with a deep knowledge of young, technology-based spinout companies; and importantly was always willing to share this knowledge in a direct way.

Prof Edmond Walsh, CEO
— Prof Edmond Walsh, CEO


OrganOx, like many companies in the Oxford Ecosystem, can attribute its existence and success to the support received from Oxford Investment Consultants. I have found the OIC team to work closely with the businesses it has invested in, providing capital and guidance on the journey from start-up to scale-up.

Craig Marshall, CEO
— Craig Marshall, CEO

Oxford Endovascular

Oxford Investment Consultants have been a pleasure to work with, supporting Oxford Endovascular through its fundraise with an efficient due diligence process and informed questions. The OIC team has always been on hand to discuss issues and offer helpful advice. OIC is an investor that takes a strong interest in the business and remains true to its word.

Mike Karim, CEO
— Mike Karim, CEO

Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Investment Consultants enabled Oxford Space Systems to raise additional capital as part of its recent expansion. OIC demonstrated a deep understanding of the needs of how a growing space-tech business operates and acted as a pragmatic & intelligent interface to a quality investor. The due-diligence process was thorough and well executed, with minimum distraction to the business. OIC has also been immensely helpful in raising the Oxford Space Systems’ profile in the UK and globally via introductions and connections. This is making our transition from R&D start-up to global commercial scale-up phase much smoother.

Mike Lawton, CEO
— Mike Lawton, CEO

ROADMap Systems

Oxford Investment Consultants participated in the latest investment round in mid-2018 joining a diverse range of investors in ROADMap Systems, from institutions through to angels. The ROADMap team has found OIC to be highly knowledgeable, both technically and commercially and also, most importantly, highly enthusiastic and supportive, taking a Board position.

Dr Karl Heeks, CEO
— Dr Karl Heeks, CEO

Sphere Fluidics

Oxford Investment Consultants performs high quality due diligence which ensures that it gets to know your business. The Oxford Investment Consultants team is supportive, well networked and I recommend them to any company as an excellent investor.

Dr Frank Craig, CEO
— Dr Frank Craig, CEO