ROADMap Systems

ROADMap Systems (RS) was spun out of the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) in 2014 to develop a novel, next generation, optical Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) which is used to switch the optical wavelength channels between input and output fibres in an optical network.

Burgeoning user demand for increased data volumes and speeds is placing significant stress on existing data network infrastructure. The telecommunication industry is meeting this demand by moving to ‘flexigrid’ architectures where the capacity of each optical fibre is increased using software-based approaches to satisfy fluctuating demands. However, these shifts place stress on underlying hardware, especially the optical wavelength switches within the network known as Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers (ROADMs), of which the key component are WSSs. Consequently, limits on the efficiency and scaling capabilities of WSS present a significant barrier to meeting the increased network demands. RS’s proprietary technology, which allows light to be steered in two dimensions, overcomes these issues by increasing port counts, improving optical performance and reducing both capex and opex.

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