Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space Systems (OSS) is developing a new generation of deployable antennas, booms and solar panel arrays for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite applications based on proprietary composite materials and novel origami engineering, with input from Professor Zhong You at the University of Oxford’s Structural Engineering Department.

OSS was founded in 2013 by members of the management team from ABSL Space Products following its acquisition by EnerSys for its battery technology capabilities. The Company is based in the UK Space Cluster at Harwell Campus, which houses over 80 space companies, and is targeting a number of markets in the space industry with products developed in close collaboration with leading manufacturers. The global space industry is valued in excess of £300 billion with around £17 billion spent annually on the design and manufacture of satellites, not including launch vehicles. OSS estimates that deployable subsystems that receive transmissions, collect solar power and carry out scientific measurements account for some £1.7 billion or 10% of this.

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