OrganOx has developed the world’s first normo-thermic liver perfusion device, the Metra. The device has been approved for storage and transportation of human transplant livers and has exciting future applications in renal transplantation.

OrganOx was founded in April 2008 by Professor Constantin Coussios of the University of Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Professor Peter Friend, Director of the Oxford Transplant Centre. The Metra has the potential to disrupt the transplant market, by improving clinical outcomes and significantly increasing the supply of viable organs due to its ability to repair organs undergoing perfusion as well as provide an objective data driven assessment of viability prior to transplantation. The Metra achieved CE marking in 2015 with first commercial sales commencing in 2017 and revenues of £1m achieved for 2018 financial year. The Metra is currently deployed in a 266-patient US clinical trial to obtain FDA approval, which is expected to conclude in 2Q 2019, and the results of the 222-patient EU COPE study were published in the leading scientific journal Nature in 2Q 2018.

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